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I treasure each piece of jewelry purchased from Nichole! The stones she selects are always high quality and I love her attention to detail. She is kind and easy to work with. And her packaging is GORGEOUS! Each time one arrives my heart flutters with excitement. 

Barbara S.

Each of Nichole's pieces seem personalized and in tune with nature, and meaningful. Her work is feminine and boldly empowering. I've always collected little rocks, now I collect beautiful stones dressed in Nichole's beautiful silver work! Her heart is warm and interactions with her are a pleasure. I'm very grateful to have found Nichole and anticipate each of her releases with great excitement. I will continue to collect Nicholes fine jewelry throughout her career!

Jan H.

Nichole's handcrafted pieces are unique, meaningful works of art. Her love and respect for nature, as well as her deeper understanding of stones and energy, are reflected in the fine details --- even her beautiful eco-friendly packaging! I look forward to each line she releases.

Emily R.