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The Top Ten Crystals for Prosperity

Each crystal carries a special vibration that have the potential to help us unlock those aspects in ourself. Often times our crystals become companions and are worn, placed in meaningful places in our homes and/or assist us in meditation or self care practices.

Now, it is important to note that a crystal is not going to do the work for you but the unique vibration a crystal holds can help you align and integrate that vibration within yourself. Similarly to the phenomenon that you become the sum of the the five closest people to you. Crystals rub off on us in similar ways. They help us cultivate high vibrational energies.

Many of you have heard of the saying that living in abundance is our birthright which is why the focus of this post is all about crystals for prosperity! Wealth and abundance come in many different forms which is why the crystals below help attract different types of wealth from physical to spiritual to emotional. There's a good chance that some of these ten crystals below are already in your collection!

1.  Tiger's Eye | Personal Power and Confidence

Tigers eye carries the vibration of courage and boldness. This is the stone to turn to if you are needing a boost of bravery to help you take necessary risks for greater life abundance.

Tiger’s eye governs the solar plexus chakra and can facilitate you to trust in yourself/beat to your own drum. A very motivating, energizing and at the same time grounding crystal. The Ancient Chinese believed that Tiger’s Eye would bring good fortune to the wearer.


2.  Malachite | Heart Opener and Financial Abundance

Malachite assists us in drawing in more abundance in the realms of money and love through removing heart blockages.

This stone is known as the stone of transformation and offers energy and focus to new growth. The metaphysical properties of malachite feed the passions of your heart and provides wisdom and balance to know the difference between financial abundance and abundance of the spirit. 



3.  Pyrite | Confidence, Luck and Strength of Spirit

Often known as “Fool’s Gold,” this shiny gold stone inspires one to generate wealth by one’s own power. Pyrite is also referred to as the stone of action as it encourages you to tap into your potential and abilities while inspiring confidence and persistence.

This stone also is a fabulous stone for protection and can act as a defensive shield against negative energies. Lastly, this stone can be used to increase mental clarity when overcome by fear or feeling stuck. 


4. Amethyst |  Deeper Connection to the Divine and Spirituality

Amethyst deepens one’s connection with the third eye and crown chakras which are both associated with intuition and cosmic perception. Many people refer to Amethyst as the “All Healer” stone as it can help remove spiritual and physical blocks.

Amethyst possesses a soothing, calming energy and fabulous for those prone to overthink or worry. This crystal is also known to enhance creativity making it a wonderful companion for artists or anyone wanting to expand their career in a particular creative field. 

5. Amazonite | Empowers you to Manifest your Dreams and Speak and Live your Truth

Amazonite assists you in manifesting universal love. It does so by helping reveal where you hold energy blockages and how to go about manifesting your ideas. It also promotes authentic expression and reduces stress and worry. 

Amazonite encourages a go with the flow mentality and when we are in the flow of life, beautiful abundance can flood into our realities.

6. Moldavite | Connection to your Life Purpose

Moldavite is technically not a crystal because it was created from a meteorite but the power of this stone is undeniable. The material is a powerful full chakra activator. Many people experience what has been termed a “Moldavite Flush” because of the stone radiates a warm energy when touching it sending light, tingly vibrations through the body. Over time this sensation settles as the body becomes used to the stones vibration.

Moldavite is known to boost spiritual and psychic abilities and can be a catalyst for major life changes. The type of life changes that take us into higher vibration and alignment with our higher selves, as well as life purpose.


7. Citrine | The Merchants Stone

Citrine is one of the most notable stones for manifestation, personal willpower and imagination. Its energy is warm and energizing like the sun.  Citrine encourages new beginnings and pursuits and a fullness of life.

It is commonly referred to as the Merchants stone because it assists one in the acquisition of financial abundance. A great stone to carry in your purse and wallet to attract the flow of money into your life! 

 8. Turquoise | Good Energy, Wealth and Protection

Turquoise is said to be a stone of good fortune. Whether this good fortune be in the form of protection from negativity, mental clarity and calm, or financial wealth, all lie under the umbrella of a prosperous life.  Many cultures throughout time have stated that offering the turquoise as a gift is like handing someone positive energy, good fortune and the ability to ward off depression and sadness. These beliefs have contributed to turquoise remaining a stone tied to manifesting an abundant life.  

9. Moss Agate | Improves Self-esteem and Attracts Wealth
Moss agate is commonly referred to as the stone of new beginnings. It's a refreshing stone to have around as it reveals to you the beauty that you possess. Moss agate also helps to inspire new ideas after stagnation periods and further promotes expression of these ideas with the world.  It has also been said that moss agate can be placed in your garden to encourage plant growth. 
 10. Lemurian Quartz | Divine Love and a Sense of Unity with All

You can tell you have a piece of Lemurian Quartz because of the horizontal line markings on the crystal. Some refer to these lines as a key to the akashic records or wisdom encoded into the crystals from the Ancient Lemurians. The Lemurian seed crystals remind us that we are all one consciousness and have access to a stream of love inside us at all times! This crystal helps us to know that we are never alone no matter what situation arises.

The form of abundance we receive from these crystals are a connection to our spirituality and inner knowingness. These crystals also present a unique opportunity to attain spiritual wisdom from past lives and civilizations.


Check out this super informative and helpful video below to learn all about how to utilize some of the crystals mentioned above!