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Collection: :: Secrets of the Sea Collection Release ::

"The sea is as near as we come to another world." - Anne Stevenson

A collection inspired by mermaid folklore surrounding aquamarine stones. Legend describes sailors finding treasure chests full of aquamarine along the shore that they believed belonged to mermaids. This influenced many sailors to wear aquamarine amulets while out at sea with the belief that it would keep them safe from drowning and in good health. Even today, talismans of all kinds, have the power to hold unique symbolism and meaning to the wearer.

The pieces of this collection were methodically and patiently conjured up.  Many mantras were expressed during the creation process to further infuse them with love and blessings. Every single piece was created to be comfortable against the skin and made to accentuate beauty. All components of the pieces were hand made from the bails, to the hand stamped base plates to the decorative ring bands.

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