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Meet Designer Nichole West

Adorning Luna is a one woman show that was born to craft quality, symbolic jewelry that reflects the wearers soul expression. For this reason, I weave stories, themes, mythology, and metaphysical properties of stones into my designs. It is my greatest hope that a jewelry piece will connect with a customer on a deeper level than just the material plane. 
My journey into working with metal and crystals began back in 2013 while attending college. It just so happened that my university was located minutes from the Downtown LA Jewelry District, which opened up many opportunities to explore the inner workings of the jewelry industry. Starting with simple wire wrapping/beadwork, my craft steadily evolved into explorations in metalsmithing and wax design. In 2017, I enrolled in jewelry design school to explore this medium more thoroughly. It wasn't until April 2019 that Adorning Luna was made an official business, and since then, I have been happily crafting jewelry in my home studio!
Nature offers surplus amounts of inspiration for my designs. When not in the studio, I am hiking with my golden retriever, Zephyr, kayaking or taking long scenic drives to enjoy the charming New England landscape. Like your typical gemini sun sign, I LOVE to learn, and particularly enjoy studying astrology, spirituality, psychology.
It is a joy to interact and learn more about my customers so feel free to reach out at any time!
Lots of Love,
Nichole West