New Talismans Coming Soon!


For those who would like a custom talisman designed, read on to learn more about how customs are done at Adorning Luna!


For the past ten years, I have been a student of Astrology. The amount of information we can learn about ourselves from a birth chart reading is powerful and can be used to find greater joy and access deeper healing. Adorning Luna was built around the philosophy that jewelry is a symbolic extension of our innermost selves, which is why I am pairing astrology and custom jewelry together with this offering!

For each custom design, you will receive an astrology report by yours truly. The aspects I will be studying in your birth chart are not your basic Sun, Moon, Ascendant. They are the lesser known influences of the birthchart regarding your destiny, karmic healing, your special gifts, past life/current life lessons, and how your deepest joy is fulfilled.


Step 1) In the shop section of this site, you will see an option to purchase a custom piece for $333. This is my standard price for all custom rings, pendants and cuffs. If you would like a custom pair of earrings, the price is $444. Select from the drop down menu which type of talisman you would like for me to create.

Step 2) After purchase, I will send you an email to collect your birth time, birth date, and birth place. In this email there will also be a couple short questions to answer regarding preferences and the energy/energies you are looking to harness more of.

    ** If there are any design elements you like from previous pieces of mine or by designers with similar styles, feel free to send pictures over via email or Instagram.

    Creating your one-of-a-kind talisman:

    When all of this information is received, I will get to work! Your birthchart and answers will act as my muse and give me the opportunity to tune into you on a deep, meaningful level.

    All offerings are created as statement jewelry pieces, made with .925 Sterling Silver, and with ethically sourced and high quality stone/s from my beloved stone collection. 

    The result:

    A unique one-of-a-kind piece is born. Crafted to last forever and be passed down as a symbolic heirloom. An intimate way to leave one's legacy behind.